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Fraud is evolving as fast as technology these days. Any security measure you may use to protect yourself is only as good as the developer who made it. As such you should always find devices with proven track records and not just settling. Card fraud is an area that is mostly targeted by use of technology. BIN checker will help you minimize losses associated with charge backs and improve security of online transactions. We do this by use of Bank Identification Number (BIN) database that helps us to verify that a card is valid. We can also be able to detect a card that has been used for fraud this way. BIN, is a unique number that can identify a card's authenticity .It is represented by the first six digits on the card.

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By visiting the BIN Checker website, you will be able to see that our database is updated on a daily basis and verified. We currently have a database of 130,000 that includes 200 countries. Confirming that these numbers are genuine is a further security measure we use at BIN Checker. Using unreliable sources to build our database will create loopholes. If you are having a problem with a card, you can use the Bin checker database to identify the country where it was issued. Use the BIN Checker Online Free, for a demonstration of our accuracy.
Most banks issue debit cards to their customers for purchases. It can be hard to keep track of all cards and banks but at Bin checker our database can identify which bank issued it. This can be done with Bin checker bank which can even identify the bank country. Cards with BIN of another country should usually call for further scrutiny to ensure they are genuine. BIN Checker bank can be used to assess prevalence rates of card fraud based on country. Therefore know which countries you should deal with cautiously.

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Note: We also have a database of some of the big card companies since they are more commonly used. We have Bin checker for American express and Bin checker MasterCard. Customers sometimes jeopardize their information by giving too much information unnecessarily. This leads to their information being stolen. Credit card Bin checker software can allow you to reject transactions that are deemed fraudulent, as a result reduces charge backs to your company. As an incentive some companies issue prepaid cards to allow their staff members to shop. They are usually loaded with a certain amount of money and as such are like cash. These cards also have identification numbers and are easy targets. The wrong person will present it for use and when the real user wants to use it, it is declined. By using a Bin checker database you will be able to stop such fraud.
By protecting your company through these forms of services offered by Bin checker you will be reducing the risk of fraud and as a result loss to you. It is inevitable that people will try to cheat but you should protect yourself from them.